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A shot at happiness

Happiness comes freely
you don't have to try
trying makes you sad
crying makes you mad
madness makes you try
sadness clouds the eye
now at square one
it's already done
there's just no turning back
so just sit back and laugh

25 May 10

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I like it it's catchy and has an intresting meaning
 — unknown

This is elementary.
Laugh is spelled wrong.
But nice thought.
 — mandolyn

This is not elementary.
Well put.
 — unknown

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!
 — psychofemale

Thank u phycofemale:)
 — Bookworm

 — unknown

oh i love the Title! it makes a lot of sense, for me anyway, creative, sad but than i have to smile
 — Hulda

pure wisdom
 — unknown

you are 13 Bookworm. you are beautiful, and a zen master could not have said this any better.
 — unknown

 — unknown

beautiful, quite.
 — unknown

 — unknown

Bookworm, for 13 this is insightful and wise. Keep writing, you have much to say.
Bless your heart, this is very well done. I took this to heart, to just let go and quit trying so hard. We have everything we need to be happy, if we will accept it. Love to you.
 — unknown

Thanks everyone!!!:) :D <3333 you all are wonderful writers!!:)
 — Bookworm

This poem is now in top rated.  Am taking a screen cap, and posting on other poetry sites.  Too funny.

 — unknown

Shoot me full of rap stars, radishes, sandwiches and dance studios
 — bbmikebauer

Maximus what do you mean posting on other sites? I would I hope I recieve credit I mean I wrote it. Lol
 — Bookworm

Bookworm.  What do you mean you want to receive credit?  This is non-credible.  Incredulous even.
 — unknown

You or someone I'm not quite sure said the wanted to post my poem on other sites, but I was wondering if this person was taking it as their own. Also I wanted to know where so I can see it :) lol
 — Bookworm

Not bad, Booky, for pre-high-school - not bad at all. Try sadness blinds/blurs/clouds rather than hurts - and try "there's no turning back / just sit down and laugh"  to avoid repeating 'back'. cheerz. Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

Thank you Mitch:) I will consider revising that very well put u especially like the idea of replacing "hurts"
 — Bookworm

I dig it :)
I might fiddle the last line
 — technomancer

On a reread I think 2-7 are going strong and the rest is a bit cliche
 — technomancer

Yes but sometimes cliche is te way to get your point accross and where did you put the poem?
 — Bookworm

Now I'm lead to beleive you're only 13, I have to say, you have more depth than a majority of, so called adults I have met. Yes seem very intouch with your emotion. Well done
 — heidionfire

Fear is the path to the Dark Side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering.
 — SeanConnery

Thank you heidonfire:) and yes am 13 well just turned 14 not too long ago. :)
 — Bookworm

 — Empty

You don't need your footnote anymore.

Enjoyed it.
 — rocket

Ooh ur right! Haha and I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for comenting:)
 — Bookworm

This is great Bookworm May I ask what inspired you to write this?
 — Empty

Well done for others liking it
 — unknown


I'm searching for this deep meaning that people are suggesting...and I just don't see it... even so, nice enough poem :)
 — mr_e

Empty- actually I'm not exactly sure what made me write this. Actually, my mom is always trying so hard to be happy and instead she winds up remaining stressed. So I figured if people tried to stop feeling a certain way, they may actually feel happier in time. Too many people try to force ther emotions.... Emotions don't work like that.
 — Bookworm

Sam- Very wise. It's like the story of the butterfly that would never land on the boy, because he was chasing it.  I think this is one of your best.
Take care.
- Justin
 — Empty

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