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broken banjo prayer

I am a wild berry tonight
spitting venom
I am liquid churning
solidify me,
take me to my childhood backyard at twilight
with my worn phillies cap
where You watched me with dreaming eyes
before the paved cement between us
before Your birdsong dissolved into the background
restore this vine
into tangles of dandelions,
let me rest in Your flutter Father
where I don't stick like cotton candy on fingers
the carnival of my eyes dance in You
but I have been trampled
under the stray cat's rose thorns
harness the present for me
as it collides with the past
dancing marionette memories
lost in the ink spills of time
I ask with crooked fingers
at this keyboard that groans
can You still see Your whitewater glory in me
though I am old fruit
in Your forever ripe kingdom
though You are the current
and I am swimming against You

7 Jun 10

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this is a wonderful piece
 — psychofemale

Very nice poem.  Though I'd consider omitting line 22.  It doesn't seem in congruence with the rest of the write.  Otherwise, good one.
 — JKWeb

There are so many wonderful lines in this.
I would omit "though" in L26 and "before" in L9
 — mandolyn

this is a steven king movie, especiale the carnival in the eyes thing!

BUTT Hey I dig it! most entertaining pc of shite i have read in a long time!
 — unknown

Good poem full of great metaphor and imagery. Good contrast of ego against spirit, but at the same time recognition. I like it
 — JohnW

WOW... LOVE, love, love this one.  Very well put.
 — aforbing