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Hidden Unpredictable MeNaCe

It's a side of war
you never see.
It's the life you lead
after casualty.
In the midst of suffering
and poverty.
There lives unsmiling
impersonal me.
I prove wholly
life isn't fair.
I give some
an unhealthy share.
I can strip
all love and care
and everyday
leave life bitter and bare.
Sacrifice all
and I'll give you none.
Dry your tears
and don't let them run.
I am power more
influential than the sun
and all disaster
I have done.
Look not at talent
in excess.
There is no mercy
that I possess.
I do not care
and I do not bless.
All around you fear
the day you meet Success.

11 Jun 10

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Wow, you speak truth.
 — psychofemale

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