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ey Moreeskeeneeto tostadeeneeto,

house eat go-wing, dooed? house lie'f inn duh bunkers? lie'f t[r]eating ewe well? i know you strove so hard to give your original idea of a multipurpose undergarment a reality -- and you own all exclusive endorsement rights to it yourself.

well done, deer sigher... and you call duhmb watt a-gain --  perforated edible Gee-strings? kin you hum the doo, er doe, er 'do' in duh key of Gee, fleece?

...what? aye can't hear your canting... doen't bee shy now... owe, dots better... butt, for bloody creapin' cripes' sakes, that's 'do' a hum-dread hurts, er hertz short of Gee-flat, sigher... tsk-tsk... shots a shameful blow at the moon, eh? butt-you-know-what? no one is ever twoo years old for muse-ick until duh doo, er 'do' is twoo icky for him twoo be musing about... and hue kin try flying your kite to won loony, er lunar crate-her to find your vocal-cord fix.

     /   \
     ; )


diss ease a rubber dicky, er ditty
tribute to my deer f[r]iend, Mor.

end seriously, peace & good health
to you, bra, err bro...

; )


    never doo the 'about face',
      hue doen't have a face
              twoo show;
    yore kindred false, er pals
             [wood] hear
              wood miss
         duh flat sound of
       false's, err pulse's
     sneaky-snakey hiss...
    bee kind twoo you'self,
          doen't starve;
    you can eat the dung,
      er dang undies that
ewe sow carelessfooly sewed
   for duh the wriggly larve
    hoppy burpday on duh

16 Jun 10

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Always love your work
 — psychofemale

rereading and rereading. fuckin' love it. sweet style of writing and interesting spelling. i picture it spoken with a drawl. very well done
 — dvdsxr

mor, give us mor
 — mandolyn

lol like a sophisticated mark twain... hahahaha really liked it... fun writing stile...
 — aven10


i think i will always find
you too sweet for your moniker.

thanks for stopping by.
; )
 — fractalcore


i'd avoid spilling duh drool,
if aye were ewe, hehe.

; )
 — fractalcore

rubbee mander,

er rubber mandee,

bee carefool watt
ewe ask fore...

; )
 — fractalcore


pardon my ignorance,
but who is mark twain?

i only know PC poets and haven't read much
[of the old greats, though guys like mike bauer
and AlchemiA are a few decades old[er than i].]

what i mean to say is, thank you so much for
the appreciation.

; )
 — fractalcore


; )
 — fractalcore

Ha! Yes, I should have listened to you fractal....I should have listened....
 — mandolyn

butt, aye doughn't listen twoo
mmm'eye self, mandee.

do you know where listen is?
: )
 — fractalcore

I never really knew 'listen' on here. We never spoke to eachother. I am still considered a newbie I guess.
 — mandolyn

how 'bout reid then?

hope that guy's ok.
: )
 — fractalcore

Last I heard, he was sick for a while. I have no idea where that boy is. I was wondering the same thing. Isabelle would know.
 — mandolyn