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the world is the ultimate inspiration for an entire subculture. raise your hands when you know the answer to my question. the rebels waived the white flag wont you stop attacking, stop being the passion of every fantasy. wipe that smile of your face, wipe that mud from your shirt. look at yourself, swine. stop being beautiful. i want to rip your eyes out like the diamonds of the rough, you will be my new piece of jewelry. the machines are turning and i want to throw you in you dirty little whore. i can always remember, the sour taste you left in my mouth. and all the sugar in the world wont set things right but i know who will...

26 Mar 04

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Very nice Mr.Seth
 — InMyBlood

This poem, especially the "rebel flag" bit, makes me think of someone reading this at a honkey-tonk in Hicksville, Alabama. It's an ok poem, but when I read it it makes me want to take a shower.
 — ChrisTaylor

 — unknown

Your writing is a trip. "ultimate inspiration for an entire subculture", "I want to rip your eyes out like diamonds in the rough", "the machines are turning". Certainly an interesting read.
 — elysium

"look at yourself, swine. stop being beautiful."

i did like that quite a bit. who will?
 — baredirtfoot