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Оцг ѕцη

.  )      )       )        ) .
  (      (       (        (
   )      )       )        )
  (      (       (        (
The work of an arsonist
and the pyro-practitioner
near the pier-
           tried to
                       the sky.  The residents
                       awoke choking in thick
                       black                   smoke
                       and                      were
                       too slow…fire forked
                       lungs                and
                       they                  died.
                       Flesh                 melted,
                       bones               thinned.
                       Mirror                shards
                                                                on shore reflected
                                                                victims charred re-
                                                                The perp’s plan to
                                                                having set deadly
                                                                fire to his friends.

18 Jun 10

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mutton dressed aqs lamb.
 — unknown

Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualitätssicherung in der Medizin ?
 — JKWeb

sweet -- aspire to fire I always say ... we're Natures Agents of Change with a purpose intimately connected to her. Even in death, we're utilized for the stuff we transmuted while alive; recycled. Then, as the Earth aspires to become a Star, (the Dream of every Planet is to become a Star,) we'll transcend to a blissful bursting born of Cosmic forces, the furnace of Stars; from Stars we come, to Stars we'll return, but first through the lowly worm.

nice concrete poement...
 — AlchemiA

From Stars we come to Stars we shall return. Look up! Dream Up! Love up! Burn!
 — AlchemiA

the corruption of stone, fugitive pieces of rock, far away from home --

All dirt is made from Mountains and Mountains are made from Fire and a Star exploded in ancient space for all this to transpire. So I'm DIRT you know, a stone weathering into clay, the language of Mountain written in the dust blowing, blown so far away! From dirt I come, to Stars I'll return, through this fire aspiring inside my longing yearn to burn...a mote in the eye of God, slow-diving toward a black-hole in the heart of space, where dust like me and you, gathers unseen from all over the place ...
 — AlchemiA

WOWS! This is awesome!!!
 — psychofemale

Thanks AlchemiA
for the read and comments.  I appreciate your insight for sure.

 — JKWeb

Mucho grats psychofemale--
glad you like.

Rock on.
 — JKWeb

This sounds like Web ( and I have not rated or scrolled down yet to check)
 — mandolyn

YAY! I was right and Web I love this one~
 — mandolyn

Oh and I give an extra smile to the title-- love the font!
 — mandolyn

impressive beyond all reason :)
 — Tandisol

Many thanks mandolyn
for reading and kudos.

Thanks Tandisol-
I'm glad you gave it an IBAR as opposed to a FUBAR.

 — JKWeb

100% HOT!  (and tight!)  LOVE the layout too!  :-)
 — starr

Many thanks starr man.
Appreciate it much.
 — JKWeb

hot, hot, hot!

; )
 — fractalcore

how did you get your u's to do that?
 — unknown

Thank you fractalcore
for having a look.  'preciate the nod.
 — JKWeb

Thanks for reading unknown.
the font is from word...the insert part
then copy and paste.
 — JKWeb

Way cool JKWebb
 — unknown

Thanks unknown one
for reading and the two-word plaudit.
 — JKWeb