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Single line song

This is all I know. 
I know this is all. 
Is all I know this?
All I know this is. 
Know this all is I. 
This I is all know. 
All is I know this. 
All this I is snow. 

10 Jul 10

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interesting, i dont know what to think of this
 — psychofemale

this one is going to depend on the melody, and i'm going to set it to the Webern 'quartet'. that's a very open and inviting kind of music, which can accept single phrase expression and convert it into lyric. there's nothing wrong with this writing at all. it's what can be said, and it's got the effect of being someone who's trying not to say anything but what's inside the mirror.

don't let anyone stop you from writing exactly like this.
 — bmikebauer

eye diss
a pear eat

reap eat
; )
 — fractalcore

Dig it.
 — unknown

 — annotating