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Prayer for Fergus After Mother's Death (II)

I found you
beneath the Sala trees,
held together by the straps
of Her corduroy-jeans.
Please Fergus,
when you touch the earth, touch the earth.
If I could remove my hands
from this shadow.
The body unenduring,  
Her oatmeal flesh naturally softened,
swollen limbs settled  
beyond this dark interval.
In wet soil as we abandoned Her
with a final glimpse.
We screw together in languages
guilt and remembrance.
Fergus, can we retrace the grief
back to that moment?
If I could dig into our past,
rummaging in ash,
kicking-up grief through soul, soil and stars,
I would
if given-a-chance to skim old-arguments,
rude, they await rebirth
from the surface of ġemynd.
If I could bend the day.
I will carry proof along the blade of a knife,
bury it into the atmosphere of His chest,
I will carve your God into a million grains past.

10 Jul 10

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It is a good edit. Tighter. Cleaner. Still brilliant.
 — DianaTrees

Made a few more edits. Any thoughts on this people? DianaTrees - TY as always for your kind encouragement.
 — uncjaf

 — psychofemale

any help is much appreciated! Bmike, I could use a tough crit here
 — uncjaf

gulp. s2 and 6...gosh.  my mouth went dry.
 — pittsburgh