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the butcher's cushion

dressed in a splattered jacket,
she was born a coroner
reflective red eyes,
viscera shackled ankles,
blood-colored hair
with bits of bone gone dry
she leans on my heart,
treats it like meat
rests her head
to fall asleep

16 Jul 10

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‡  scaharry
 — unknown

Thanks much unknown
for taking the time to read and comment.
 — JKWeb

wow web, this is brilliant. i don't believe i have ever read a poem of yours i did not like. 3-8 my favs.

 — mandolyn

    Shock and awe!!! you have really over the time I have watched your work, found a niche in the diabolical, you are Mr. Diabolical heavy on the mister... yeah!
this one is the best works I have seen from all your other small doses of... whatever keep this up and you'll be on t.v. with the Munsters
 — goeszon

i like the soft rhyme between coroner and ankles, but on the first reading L2 hangs up

nicely executed
 — NicMichaels

Thank you kindly mandolyn.  I appreciate it.
 — JKWeb

Thanks goeszon.  I glad you seem to like it.  And I like your Munsters reference!  hehe...
 — JKWeb

 — JKWeb

Thanks for reading NicMichaels.  I was hoping the space between lines 2 and 3 would give it just enough pause.  Nonetheless, I'm glad you think it's nicely executed.  
 — JKWeb

ew...this was cryptic, i ...

loved it.

weird stuff sells, dont let them tell you any different, whoever "them" are
 — psychofemale

Thanks psychofemale for reading and the positive words.
 — JKWeb

ok, this is going to come off as 'born a corona' no matter how much i cross my eyes and try to read this as another arty poem. so, all the rest is like what drunk looks like, and where it goes, and who knows what 'heart' means in this country and western knock-off.

at least do, ' and falls her to sleep' so's we can have a song.
 — bmikebauer

Great color and gorey - awesome shit ;D
 — Thenameless

Thanks for reading and comments bmikeb.
 — JKWeb

Thank you very much Thenameless.  I'm glad you dig the riffs.
 — JKWeb

lines 7 and 8 are sweet, yeah.    
 — pittsburgh

Thank you much pittsburgh.  I'm glad lines 7 and 8 worked for you.
 — JKWeb

it does pause between 2 and 3 effectively. S2 is just very dense with the language, and its a switch from the other three strophes rhythmically. which can work, for sure, and might be why it's a four-line stanza instead of two.
 — NicMichaels

hmm, i'm reading this without ||1-2
and it's good.

; )
 — fractalcore

Thanks for the re-visit NicMichaels.  I'll have to ponder those lines some more when I get a chance.
 — JKWeb

Thanks fractalcore for reading and making a fave.  Like I told Nic, I'll give those lines another look.
 — JKWeb

your remarkable imagery here presented as 'soft' with all the cutting irony of bone-bits and the passages of becoming just another place to lay yer' head ... an unexpected grimoire with humour and pathos JKWeb ...
 — AlchemiA

Thank you very much AlchemiA for reading and insight.  I appreciate it.  Namaste.
 — JKWeb

 — Rss233

Thanks Rss233 for reading and brief comment(s).
 — JKWeb