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I will buy the flowers myself

     ‡    thank you Ms. Woolf for the title. ‡

Would it be
me to
make the just desserts
for a trite sniftered
trilobite with a mind
like cooked cabbage?
A masterpiece of culinary
with road kill filling
hand sculpted in lead
marzipan and delicately
decorated with slimy
entrails of glow worms
to showcase
the slats in a
dull-bisque smile
whilst chit-chatting about
sea green brooches
over late pantie strained
tea and a quaint game
of toad in the hole
through cat-slit eyes
teasing- I watch as
the guest starts
squirming with
alas the London clock
swings to the ETD
upon my prediction
abruptly lifting suave
upholstery the guest
nearly tears the door off
its hinges desperate for
the closest lavatory
Where oh where
haste his english

25 Jul 10

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Were they for his grave?
 — unknown

HAh HA, thanks Jenka *
 — unknown

I loved the entire poem. ...... I imagined a smug/half crazy old woman in the uk doing nasty things to an old flame that suddenly showed up after 30 years....well done.
 — frogilicus

 — unknown

Well you imagined part of it right, crazy yes surely.
Old no.
 — unknown

yea, first stanza sold me...the rest just kept time.  good visuals in oils i'd say...yes.
 — jenakajoffer

Oh just a little thang I whipped up. Thanks.;)
 — unknown

ribbet ribbet, thanks Froggy. I like frog legs. @@
 — unknown

hello Lily,

any luck with the diet and dental work?
 — unknown

why are you jealous of parrot girl?
 — unknown

Who is Parrot girl and who is Lilly person?
 — unknown

This is very cruel of you to give me 1s this writing does not deserve 1s. This may not be the best writing but I think it is not bad and certainly doesn't deserve ones.
 — unknown

Thank you unknown
 — unknown

this poem doesnt deserve ones, and even tho i dont believe in rating, i gave this  a ten.  
 — jenakajoffer

*jenkas what you needin? a sitter? ;) donka my sweet Fraulein
 — unknown

I can't see why anyone would be jealous of parrot (polly) girl
although she is quite lovely
I would like to steal her brooches
Didn;t that go down with the titanic?
 — unknown

I think I am the parrot girl to which they refer - unfortunately.

And unknown is right, no reason to be jealous of me - I am obsessive, scattered, boring, oftentimes delusional, talk too much and I am extremely messy and nasty at times.

Basically, I am not nice. Though, thankyou for saying I'm lovely, Unknown.

But you can be jealous of my sea green brooch. That makes me happy ;-)

Was part of this poem inspired by my brooch?

LOL, I don't think it was -

In which case, I have prattled on for about half an hour about myself, for no reason, and to nobody who cares. (told you I was boring).

Now lets have a looksie at your poem.

LOL, Hell hath no fury and all that....

This is a fun poem - and unique - can't say I have ever dreamed of giving somebody the runs as a form of revenge...or putting road-kill in dessert but it is certainly a novel idea and I will tuck it away for when and if I need it ;-)

I think the last stanza needs attention - because its a great finale and I don't want it be feel rushed - (no pun intended)

L33 - nearly tears the door off? - nearly tears the door 'from' is gramatically more pleasing

All in all, a fun read. 9 from me.
 — PollyReg

stop whinging imposTOR
now go thwack those cottageCHEESE thighs
into a semblance of shape
l'il pork chop lita
 — unknown

your doctor rang, you need to schedule your lobotomy for  tomorrow
 — unknown

I love my cottage cheese thighs. Whoever that is directed to - worry not, just make it your mantra!!!!

Cottage Cheese thighs (and real women) for the world!

(Hi again, nice poem writer)
 — PollyReg

Hello Polly. Women are beautiful and should be cherished and never made to feel bad about themselves- some men think that women want to be treated badly, such a self-fulfilling prophecy for them. I am interested in a man who can make me sing and make me soar, someone who is my sheltering sky in the storm.
Not that I can't take care of myself- I don't need a man for that. ;)
 — unknown

stop whinging imposTOR
now go thwack those cottageCHEESE thighs
into a semblance of shape
l'il pork chop lita
— unknown

^^^ he married his mother
 — unknown

great job, kept my interest
 — psychofemale

Wow this is funne
 — unknown

makes me smile even wryly and rated as well. what else?
 — unknown

 — unknown

I smell a rat .
 — unknown

Thanks for that poor rating.
 — unknown