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so cute
put on my anti-physics suit
sway like geisha
small steps, big boots
spine crumbles some
one more loose tooth
i got no spit
need coffee and kools
thinning skinning down
now bone then
vessels.  guts
think feel filter.  jump
into the cavity
mop swab sponge
out bad water
i'm tough yeah
true blue
fuck federal handouts
road whore
safe risk
they say.  safe risk
don’t need robots for this

27 Jul 10

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well sung in the polemic-rant that 's juiced with the frisson of viscereality on the sharp-edge of a glance ... needs to be said!
 — AlchemiA

 — Salamander

straight black, no cream and sugar. ya done good.
 — mandolyn

i actually met a jumper on the bus the other day...i thought the time for these guys was past....instead, things are picking up.  

thanks, AlchemiA and Salamander and mandolyn, for reading and your words.
 — pittsburgh

Cool poem.  Way to flex your poetic muscle.
 — JKWeb

thanks, jkweb.  my poems have stepped up since i've started coming here...good company!
 — pittsburgh

pittsburgh, you had me at anti-physics suit
 — unknown

awww,  thanks, unk!    
 — pittsburgh

Any chance you'll wear that for me?
 — unknown

 — pittsburgh

I enjoyed this much as I would enjoy a sci-fi flick.

But the reality of the situation is that power plants won’t risk their licensing by allowing overexposure of any employee--even temps. They are under a federal microscope. They achieve their goals through what amounts to dilution: regulated exposure to many, rather than a lot of exposure to a few.

I do wonder if individuals are sometimes able to circumvent the rules that were established for their safety. Even if some are able to accomplish this (by, say, establishing multiple identities), the symptoms you describe would require exposure in the magnitude of hundreds of times the NRC enforced limits. It would be nearly impossible even for a highly creative and motivated glow-boy.

Facts aside, your poem is grittily entertaining.
 — A

thank you, A.  at the time i used to write for nukes (a long time ago), i knew some folks who did this, and it was less difficult to believe that there were no possibiliities of overexposure.  so,  um...that's right, it's like sci fi.  also, in a lot of jobs like this, i believe there's often a macho element as well as a continual probing for symptoms... your mind, more than anything, can hurt you.  but this poem isn't about reality...it's more about where my imagination went after talking with a guy who does this on the bus the other day.
 — pittsburgh

UHH hold on, did you just say on the bus the other day?
 — unknown

ON THE BUS! ?????? ;)
 — unknown

ah shite, pitts you just made me piss myself with laughter thanks so much
 — unknown

homer simpson, yes? when his car's in the shop?
 — bmikebauer

My fact rant was set of by AlchemiA's comment. I tried not to look at it before I'd had my say, but there it was right below the comment box: needs to be said! And that got me thinking about how beliefs and opinions develop, and, well you know the rest.

I did acknowledge the macho tone--grittily entertaining.
 — A

A, you got me wrong, wasn't criticizin' your crit.  just talkin' about back in the day.  

and yes, on the goddamn bus i met a jumper.  poor guy didn't even have a nose *shiteatin'grin*

he had a bag with him i think it wuz.... donuts
 — pittsburgh

I didn't sense any hostility, just wanted to be clear.

 — unknown

interesting indeed
 — psychofemale

dig it
 — unknown

; )
 — fractalcore

the first stanza just blew me away, excellent dynamic writing. i had to wade a little through the rest, but have to agree with the previous crits, a great rant ;)
 — jharrison

Is this a chumble piece?
Second to last stanza is straight up rock.
 — aurelius

Safe risk doesn't really make much sense. It's (relatively) safe = the risk is small (or low). To me, low risk sounds best.

And I've heard of physics suits and anti-contamination suits (anti-c's) but never of an anti-physics suit. Not saying I've heard everything...

Still like your poem, though.

 — unknown

 — bowiegirl

 — goeszon

This is just great - I love it.
 — asphara

 — Infrangible

Sorry I missed the later comments. I've been away from a computer for the past few weeks.  ..I will think on "low risk" as opposed to "safe risk," A.  I hear you...and of course, you're correct as far as the "anti-physics" suit.  Just a bit of word stretch there.  Thanks, bowiegirl, goeszon, and asphara.  No meth, infrangible!
 — pittsburgh

'safe risk' is a very good risk to take.
stick with it!

; )
 — fractalcore