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You Were Only a Dream

I woke up to find
my sweet blond wolf
curled against my side
my fingers tangle in his hair
and as I catch my breath
his heart beat fades
my hand on his chest,
arms wrapped around
as reality washed him away
how quick Id promised
my eternity to your dream
Ich Liebe Dich fur immer
Forever broke with your lie

5 Aug 10

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so, so beautiful!! i love this.
 — blueviolets

thank you
it means alot, as what i had with my wolf was beautiful
in some way i hope this can make it eternal
 — Stinetuck

cliche to say but reminds me of Twilight movie
 — psychofemale

now that i'm learning to read you, i'm finding everything i'm reading of you quite wonderful, and each different in that way that a real poetry out of feeling knows so many new emotions.
 — bmikebauer

Psychofemale, Ouch, another ounce of my artist soul stabbed by commercialistic doctrine xD
-know i don't take offense, its about an ex that I called my wolf after the way he liked to bite and scratch, sleep curled up against a bunch of pillows and would growl and bark when I antagonized him enough
((I swear he was human on the outside xD ))

Mike, Im glad that my pieces are having such an effect on you, though still I cant help but to hope you keep a more open mind when reading. I can understand how A Short Note was somewhat of a rosetta stone for you, but remember, these pieces have been here, edited albeit, but mostly unchanged
 — Stinetuck

well, you know, it's coming to appreciate your style. there are only three poems of Yeats i like, but having found them when i was 20, i went into his poetry to find more of what i liked. the three were enough, and the rest seemed like practice. he wrote best after 50, when he gave up trying to be the poet of the world of ladies. so, your 'short note' was the first of yours which made me see you here, and the others are sometimes good, sometimes not, but always have something to teach me. when i discover someone new in poetry or music or film or art i look at Everything i can find of their work so that i'll learn how to read it and learn the artist.

how came you to use german in this? for me, it works very well, the liebe/lie coming out sounding so authentically out of tripping on poetry.
 — bmikebauer

Im glad, as as Im much the same way in that respect -prehaps we will check and balance each other?
((And hell yes Yeats got much better once age touched his crown xD ))

We used to speak in German, Ich liebe Dich fur immer was what I would say before goodnight
This piece was actually written while i was crashing from e
As Alchemia has pointed out before, there is a very great correlation between serotonin and dopamine levels that have to do with creativity being found in depression
I think I very lucky with just fucking mine up enough
 — Stinetuck

alc likes easy solutions because they sound better in casual conversations. but, you're depression is you from the very first and earliest time, and it's not like an imperfection, it's an opening into some other world which you half-live in but can't bring directly into this world. if you feel something which sounds like a cat meowing like a dove, how can you say that sound here, except by imaging it up...? but, you're a poet and you can say that sound directly if you skin it on something metaphorical and make that metaphor speak. so, all that becomes, in non-UV, 'the mountain talked like candy' -- and, i feel that that's exactly how you write and where your best phrases come from.
 — bmikebauer

; )
 — fractalcore