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Postmodern Politics

Innocence lost that day so long ago
The world changed in ways we could not know
So young, so full of our all our dreams
It was much worse than it seemed
Disillusioned loner was a great thief
When he stole away our nation’s belief
When his steely eyes drew their bead
We were left with no one to lead
Seventeen years passed in deep despair
Before another came with similar flair
National pride was again restored
His simple manner was simply adored
He stared down evil in his day
And caused them to crumble in decay
Firm resolve to tame the bear
Millions no longer in despair
Today our hearts are filled with gloom
We’ve no one to really look up to
We are a nation of men without chests
Empty suits put forth as our best
Like nails down an old blackboard
The shrillness strikes a dissonant chord
Hope like faith must have an anchor
Unity is not achieved with ethno-rancor
A “civil campaign” sounds so trite
When voiced by conservative light
Maybe someday a man will arise
Who has that gleam in his eyes
One who can restore our nation’s soul
A man who doesn’t rule by poll
Until that day we must be resigned
To elect the suit we’ve been assigned
So hold your nose and bite your lip
We cannot afford to abandon ship

18 Aug 10

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This was written before the 2008 Presidential election
 — pasnitro