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sweat-grease (chinese street food and the people who make them)

a heat wave has sweat-greased through southern china.
midnight, with temperature sweat-greasing 37 de-grease celsius,
chinese street vendors sweat-greased their electric fans, carts, and woks
as they sweat-grease their ways onto dirt-ridden roads,
where lovers on mopeds sweat-grease beneath the banyan trees.
by the town pavilion, they sweat-greased rice cakes in peanut oil,
and sweat-greased their fanny packs with ones and fives.
here, they sweat-grease until the first sign of breeze
sweat-greases their heads, and then sweat-grease their moneymakers home
to hungry children waiting in sweat to be greased with dinner (grease).

20 Aug 10

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now i feel greasy
 — mandolyn

well, i AM greasy (still in china!) :)
 — Sequiturist

Where in China?
 — unknown

everywhere in China. :)
 — Sequiturist

this poem is greasy as heck! like!
 — unknown

i feel greasy too now.........
 — psychofemale

 — Sequiturist