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Puddle Fish

*Puddle Cat, Puddle Duck*
Skin: tawny (but tasty)
    For five ghosts to greet,
    and my cold hands to eat.
Wings: tricky (and hasty)
    Of fluttered hearts born,
    grown wary and worn.
*Puddle Fish, Puddle Mouse*
Fins: muddy blues
    (with thistle-tarp hues).
Eyes: earthy teals
    (with black-border heels).
Leading stallions
    to up-dance like silly,
Glancing nannies
    to one touch-eyed billy.
*Puddle Owl, Puddle Fox*
Tail: a burly silver
    (with candy-colored liver).
Brow: slate and grey
    (a subtle depthless display).
A pen to craft and a sword to clasp
    (Your own cobble-pan broom
    to sweep dust-webs and gloom)
With your sway-softened grasp.
My, my--
Mind: wormless and tussle-free
    (mindful: I think we can all agree)
*Puddle Swan, Puddle Hen*
Your bird-sitting flight,
    flitting bird-hair light--
Your nightstand sprint
    don't disturb,
Your jackknife dive:
    oh, suberb!
    don't piddle time away,
    don't trammel what I say
With any mislaid rage,
    in a scruff-clenched cage.
Puddle, use your white-holed ears.
Cuddle between bitter-blond fears.
*Puddle Soup, Puddle Pill,
Puddle Spill, Puddle Swill*
Mouth for a moth to kiss--
    and kiss, and kiss, and kiss!
broth for a mouth to miss--
    and miss, and miss, and miss.

21 Aug 10

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gimmicky, whimsical, and amazing! LOVE THIS!
 — Sequiturist

weird weird
 — psychofemale