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Who do I meet when I’m on the street
          I meet the heat who begins to beat  
                 me like a rug          
                 thinks I’m a thug dealing drugs
                          take a plug  
Hey, Hey Joe say it ain’t so
      I don’t know
           gotta go before you blow
                   me away
                   I gotta say
                   not today
                   no can pay
Don’t wanna die
       why would I
            no I ain’t shy
                 time to fly
Just for kicks
         I get my licks
              No turnin’ tricks
                  classy chicks
         turn me on
             I’m almost gone
                   almost done
                         let’s have some fun
                               in the sun
         on the beach
                 this is a reach
                         guess I’ll teach
                                  now don’t you preach
         about your rules
                 I’m no fool
                         think I’m cool
                                 no time for school
Dazed and confused
            feeling used
                  body’s abused
                         I’m not amused
             ‘bout havin’ to
                      answer to you
                            that won’t do
                                    so get a clue
I’m at a loss
        who died ‘n made you boss
                        listen up hoss
                              you’ll pay the cost
         with your blood
                   it’ll be a flood
         your name is mud cause’ I ain’t yo bud
You’re bound to fall
           when we brawl
           you’ll learn to crawl
Guess that’s all
           been a bawl

1 Sep 10

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