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Of Runes

Hail! To the runes of the world
You wake this Trojan soul from sleep
Unmask in me thou truest lies
Save thee each time I trip and further.
In a looking glass I see you move
You followed the moon ‘til dawn
I once thrashed them upon my back
Relentlessly pulls to endless turns.
Now gone are days of wrinkled laces
All lay the aces and knaves
Believe a gypsy tells all
Kismet crosses over distant shores.

July 2007

2 Sep 10

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Very nice poem
 — hue

super nice
 — manuka

tnx for my polite critics ;)
 — softyetharsh

think "i see' could be omitted from L5, but i will come back and read this again, i thought it was very nice, up my alley sort of thing.

'its' without apostrophe could also work in L6, which is interesting and clever, neater as well.

i know a boy named Rune.

nice poem
 — Estella

: )
 — fractalcore

from the chest
 — softyetharsh