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square one

i'm back to square one
except its more round
than it was when i left
and i keep moving backward
when i left to learn
about things deemed useless
and forgotten by us all
they seemed to have meaning
now i can't get ahead
because i do not have
practical knowledge
of the world
i'm comfortable sitting
in my circle knowing
that men and women
have left me with
lifetimes to learn

22 Sep 10

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i like the thought of it.
 — softyetharsh

i feel a bit dizzy
i think i just walked around in circles.
 — Estella

my head feels funny,
why is the room spinning?
 — mandolyn

wow bear's back =-)
 — Estella

 — bear

hi bear.

you don't know me, and you would probably hate me if you did.

nice to meet you. glad to hear you are back, to square one.
 — mandolyn

why would i hate you if i knew you?
 — bear

I don't know.
I was feeling rather 'off' last night when I wrote that.
Been caring less about PC lately.

Sorry. You seem like a very nice bear. (don't claw my eyes out)
 — mandolyn

I don't drink beer.

More of a winegirl.

Mom calls me a whiner.
 — unknown

mandolyn, i have technically been on this site for about six years, i kind of stopped posting my work the past two years and now i am going to start again. don't give up hope, its a useful site if you're serious about poetry. (you seem nice too)
 — bear

and i love beer...and wine....
 — bear

my hope is not in my poetry.
and i won't give up on this place, even though it appears ghostly at the moment.

thank you furry friend.
 — mandolyn

I would like to see this as a picture poem!  We learn and grow, learn and grow, if not this lifetime, the next.  Hopefully, it's accumulation, not beginning again at 'square one."
 — Isabelle5