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qp qu qi iq

why not let p follow q as in the case of 'qp'?
'qu' [quirky urangutans] sounds harder to manage
than 'qp' [quantum pees-icks], hehe, although 'qi'
[quirky imagination] is much more useful than, say,
iq [intelligent quoting].
what qu [quip U] now?
les go fish some qu [quintessential unknowables]
write some qu [quirky un-poetic/un-prosy]
whatevers, or
qwhats uni-multi-verse?
'there's a good reason why
i'm often inclined
to leave reason
or knowledge behind,
and just love you
to the best of my ability.'

aka 'eternally yours ---{@'

written 31 Aug 10 2:11PM

thanks to the unk there and all those who shared their thoughts on the thread

for Diana Jiganie

te iubesc asa de mult ♥∞ .. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..-

     /   \
     : )

25 Sep 10

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thanks, unk.
any thoughts, please?

: )
 — fractalcore

qp qu qi iq are very interesting monotones..;)
 — softyetharsh

thanks, softyetharsh.

: )
 — fractalcore

it was a pleasure fractal

in the end it's all just circular

ashes to ashes

a great poem, i hope you meet up with Diana Jiganie again, and she does better than First Rabbi, as it's nothing but an insult to place you like no 6 or 7 (or god knows how many others). I mean ask her, whether she'd accept no 6 or 7. don't allow her to manipulate you like this...she thinks she's got you by the balls fractal. tell her straight "Diana, you sing Darling Clementine with me alone. now. this is your last chance. cause i'm not hanging here forever".

en moenie bekommer wees nie. alles sal reg kom, en more's nog 'n dag.

ek sal 'n ander manier find om my besigheid te doen - hier in my tuisland, sonder al hierdie stront.

alles van die beste.
 — unknown

It is overwhelming to see how a person becomes who he is exactly or merely getting a glimpse of what you deserve to know him to be.
 — unknown

first unk,

yes, it's all circular all the time -- every single moment
in a paradigm where the start is also the end. well, she
and i got a really weird thing going on; she's not a boring
person and i can't help being my self, too, and we do talk
on different levels, although i will have to make better
progress than what i appear to have now.

your african sounds greek to me and i'm not even greek,
but thanks to my ever-unreliable online translator, hehe.

hope to hear form you again soon.
take care.

: )
 — fractalcore

second unk,

i dunno what to say to that;
i think i'm overwhelmed.

: )
 — fractalcore

quantoom boompfh.

; )
 — fractalcore

So what bait do you need to catch qu?

I've got some ghost crabs and a few lean mussels. An excellent bait for pignose grunter.

 — unknown

cue tea full ewe

phantom carbs and mean musk ells
with no strings attached,
while theorizing the g-string
with a bit of, aum, fury.

end strictly no meth;
only primarily binary.

how 'bout eat, 10?



; )
 — fractalcore

Nice, but you need a hook.

Probably a Mustard 6'O Long Shank.

 — unknown

whell, eye own-lei knead ah honk.
; )
 — fractalcore

thanks for providing the impetus for that
peace, buy the weigh.

; )
 — fractalcore

and, yeah, i could use a 6" shank to dig a 6'-deep
blackhole for sure-shank redemption, hehe.

; )
 — noose_die_ve

thanks for providing the impetus for that
peace, buy the weigh.

; )
— fractalcore

twas a pleasure to sea little piecemeal peace bloomers blossom in cypit space.

 — unknown