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Iguana & Cobwebs

iguana witnessed
abruptly halting tree trek
hues shifting for you
            designer cobwebs
         await to entice their guests
            prey tell who is there?

27 Sep 10

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prEy tell-- clever. love it.

this entire write holds dear.
i smell a publisher approaching.
 — mandolyn

mandolyn, i hear you but you don't seem to be saying anything.  
 — unknown


i'll try again.
 — mandolyn

this poem is really good.
i like it.
i think it has the potential to be published
n junk.

 — mandolyn

bless you for that :)))
 — unknown

As far as being published, do cute and clever commentaries have any place in a sea of cute and clever commentaries?  Does this attach itself to a great market?

Don't get my wrong, this gets a 10 from me, on this website for style, and because I like iguanas, but its not saying anything we don't already know.  Bluntly (and I'm sorry), I would not buy your book because of it.

Capitalism; crushing poet's spirits since 1912
 — technomancer

your word/sound play is enticing like a hue shift
design in fractal art -- the kind of cobweb that
would entrap me, make me wanna break free
and keep coming back to for the sheer thrill of

...yaum, yOm...


; )
 — fractalcore

i used to like pray tell but no anymore
and i see you are trying to go all preying mantis on our ass
and i do like the way you play this game.

title please.
 — Estella

techno-- shall i prey for you?
 — mandolyn

Thanks for your diverse array of candid comments. I appreciate hearing the truth of what others think. Friends are often times too subjective, that's why I like this venue to share my words.
 — lalita

i am not a fan.

outside of the sonics in L1, this is clunky description forced into form and ended on a pun.

issues with diction, syntax, and tone.

strophe 1 feels contemporary, strophe 2 smacks antiquated.

choose your poison, like the spider. an iguana is not a chameleon. (nicmichaels)
 — unknown

Although Iguanas or Monitor Lizards are not Chameleons, they do to some degree change color. At least the green iguanas do. Their skin is darker in the sunlight and lightens in the shade. Their heads turn dark grey, almost black for some individuals, and the stripes on the iguanas body becomes very apparent. Many iguanas have brown marks that appear on their back that are never seen inside, and give the iguana a sort of leopard-like markings. The reason they darken is because dark colors absorb more of the sun than light colors do.
 — lalita


five-seven-five is
a number; take one and weight
four your turn, hehe.



thanks, lalita.

; )
 — fractalcore

sort of an extended headline for the new york daily news? "crammed words nix back home poet in bronx'
 — bmikebauer

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 — unknown

cut lines 4-6, the rest is divine.
 — unknown