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The Eruption of Mt. Slurza

From the top of Mt. Slurza
South to Java
slithers slick, thick
slimy lava.

Pronounced "Slurs-uh."

28 Sep 10

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Thangit all! You thilly tharr! :)
 — mandolyn

Eyes thilly!  :-)
 — starr

i like this starr.

i seem to have forgotten that you are indeed quite fun. it's refreshing.

very cute
 — DeformedLion

Awww!  Thanks, my favorite lion!  xo
 — starr

well, who wouldn't love something like this.
i wonder what's next in line...

i'm erupting with excitement.

; )
 — fractalcore

Awww, frac!  You're so sweet!  You crack me UP!  Keep on erupting!  xo
 — starr

Azz 4 what's NEXT...hmmm...Y'never know WHAT'S gonna pop outta THIS brotha's head!  Stay tuned...xo
 — starr

 — unknown

lolz!  oh my god!  so funny!  
 — unknown

this is very shloppy, but made me laugh when I tried it outloud and got tongue-twisted!  
 — unknown

LOL!  \"Shloppy!\"  LOL!  Silly MILLI-METER!  :-)  Glad u like it!  :-)
 — starr

I read this really fast, I got brain freeze  ;)

A slurry of sibilance!  
 — sybarite

Thanks, syb!  Glad u like this!  :-)  
 — starr

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