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Harris Tottle

Harris Tottle - Mistah Big
baked a pi of roastah pyg
Topped it with yurika seeds
dished it up to Archie Meeds
Archie Meeds, math matics nut
eyeballed it, his face went phut
For once in life, completely flustered:
he’d just wanted a plato custard.

30 Sep 10

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pizza weird whirled n' die
lie'ick weirds tough.

; )
 — fractalcore

good :)
 — jharrison

sounds like mr. f., when he went back home to aluminium day at ho-hum. i surely thinks you have caught his tone.
 — bmikebauer

"sounds like mr. f"

No it doesn't.
 — jharrison

mr. frank einstein
downing the heinekenstein
in, aum, germ-many.

: P
 — fractalcore

reminds me of the time big oink from sheboink came to town... now, there was a fellow... could eat his way out of any situation. kind of a hero to the ladies and shopclerks. one day big oink decides he's going to write a letter home to dear old ma. 'ma', he writes, 'do you miss me??'. not a dry eye in the house. many extra-cheese orders that night... you'd like'd to think you were in wisconsin.
 — bmikebauer

frank doesn't know what's in wisconsin,
doesn't even gnaw wit-guns-tyin's
pyg logyc.

; )
 — fractalcore

 — bmikebauer

WTF! too many tens WTF!
 — unknown