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gecko & dervishes

Vagabond Gecko
windsurfs through ominous clouds
wipers in repose
                          The breeze brings to life
                          mesmerizing dervishes
                          twirling to de-light

3 Oct 10

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this set has quite a different flavor from
the last one i read of you, lalita. if i might
add, the metaphor/imagery is quite complex.

your work covers a wide spectrum of creativity
despite its formal restrictions, and i like that.

i have no nits for the tandem.
thank you for sharing.

; )
 — fractalcore

Thanks for your kind comments, Fractalcore. No nits are good nits. ;)
 — lalita

 — syrossoul

do you practice sikhism?
 — raskolniikov

both these verses just roll off the tongue in a de-light of bouncing flowing ricocheting vowels.
 — jharrison

@raskolniikov.  I support the general Sihism philosophy, that  deep within self is the divine. Although I am not a practitioner of Sikhism. @jharrison ~ thank you ;)
 — lalita