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cue tea full ewe

phantom carbs and mean musk ells
with no strings attached,
theorizing the g-string
with a bit of, aum, fury.
end strictly no meth;
only primarily binary.
how 'bout eat, 10?

written 9/28/10

unk, thanks again for the quantoom boompfh.

for Diana Jiganie
with all the love
in the multiverse

     /   \
     : )

10 Oct 10

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* phantom carbs- ha! that's great.
the title is da bomb diggity.
— mandolyn         &nb sp;[!]
 — fractalcore

thanks rubbee mander, but,
hmm, lemme excise 'while' in |3.

; )
 — fractalcore

this is kind of all over the table, like spilled coco-puffs, but the thought is fun enough that it's a neat comic verse. now, comic verse and holy mantra are the same thing, both depending on the lighting and sound-track to tell the participating audience when to laugh or cry.
 — bmikebauer

the funny and good thing about it is that
people can only eat what's on the table;
i'm burping from the worms wriggling
beneath the floor.

; )
 — fractalcore

yeah in the karma-verse if it's not comic-tragedy it a run-on sentence...
 — AlchemiA

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