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Winter & Exodus

All wrapped up in down
mummified for winter's walk
nomadic cocoon
                   Heaven's exodus
                   gently forms a white blanket
                   awaits angel wings

17 Oct 10

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i am beginning to like your unique style.
 — raskolniikov

two literal haiku.
too many syllables. Japanese cadence is totally different.
 — unknown

four is the new ten.
 — unknown

@Raskolniikov ~ checked your website, your photos are thought provoking and distinctive.
@ unknown, yes, I agree with perhaps too literal for a Haiku. Did not realize that 5-7-5 are too many syllables. Will research your statements. Thanks.
 — lalita

Borrring,,,borrring Boring
 — unknown

ouch ouch ouch ;)
 — lalita