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clouds & melodies

Drifts of clouds floating
whimsical rorschach sculptures
Perceptions beckoned
                     Invisible force
                     playing nature's melodies
                     wind instrumentals

19 Oct 10

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your poems all seem the same.
 — unknown

sky scrapers
piercing filters
decaf for 2 please.
 — syrossoul

syrossoul ~ v. nice, like your works, thanks.
 — lalita

first unk,

if you investigate closely, lalita is a
5-7-5 writer, and even though she
paints images in such a limited space
and form, her works have a certain
varying taste to them.

so try to read more
of her works from her archive
and see what i mean.

; )
 — fractalcore

Thanks Fractalcore ;)
 — lalita

these are way too cumbersome as haiku.
entirely weighted.

haiku require wings
or at least feet with bunions.
 — unknown

second unk, someday I will grow my wings, or bunions, whichever comes first.
 — lalita