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of grief, deciduous

a welt to turn, inside out, just to leaf
to beat again. i was
for you, i am
for the lack of you,
     and autumn telling me
     there is rigorous beauty
     at work in all this wilt -
          vigorous goes
          the duty of the silt salt
          leave behind. freedom's no
          freefall of sugar
          in my mind

20 Oct 10

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welp or whelp?
 — unknown

; )
 — fractalcore

Best poem I've read today.

- Whelp
 — unknown

not sure about the title but very nice poem nonetheless.
 — JKWeb

is that the radio show in S carolina? :)
duty of the silt (nice)
 — ghost

thank you, fractalcore, web, ghost. a few revisions since you stopped in.

welp and whelp are both accepted spellings.
 — unknown