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Set Me Free

I sit by the window consumed with frustration,
   in this chaotic world will I ever find patience?
So much negativity in this cruel world,
   I wonder, how much more I can endure?
Why do I keep trying to place the blame,
   maybe because I'm overwhelmed with shame?
Starting to feel calmed by the rain,
    watching it fall against the window pane.
Cleansing the Earth, I wish it could cleanse me.
   Cleanse me from a past that refuses to let me be.
Why do I sit here and let myself bleed?
   Rain fall on me, lick my wounds and set me free!

25 Oct 10

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We see ourselves as we see the world.
 — unknown

Water cleans, good to use, bleeding, licking your wound, you surely wish to be free and I am sure you will! For me, I like such rhyming, this is similar what I have written about being free but yours is better! I like the rain and the Earth you use to explain, thanks.
 — Hulda