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Mind in coma state
improvised rests between notes
melodic spirit

My friend just passed away. I wrote this this morning, not knowing that on my visit he'd be in the 'viewing room'. He had a wonderful singing voice. I like to believe that our spirits do live on. Blessings.

30 Oct 10

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We do indeed (..) bless you.
 — unknown

 — mandolyn

i very much like the rest 'nodes' reference, lalita.
i bet your friend graduated with flying musical

death is beautiful, too... i think it's too beautiful
for life to disregard.

: )
 — fractalcore

His spirit is there with you, comforting you, embracing you, try not to occupy your mind with sorrow. Listen carefully, not strain yourself, it has to come naturally! Sing his favorite songs, he will sing with you. He is near you in another level! My boyfriend was in coma for two weeks, I was pregnant with our second child. The doctors said he would not make it, i was there by his bed all day long! They said if he would wake up and he would never be the same! He woke up, was there when the baby came, strong and healthy! It was a miracle! I am only saying to you anything is possible if you Believe! It was his time to go, your friend but he is there, BELIEVE. love, hulda
 — Hulda

Thank you all for your compassionate and comforting thoughts. Hulda, what a beautifully heart-warming story about your boyfriend. Stories, such as that, help to keep and/or restore the faith. I will be sad for the loss, and do understand on other levels, that this was a blessing. Big Love to you all.
 — lalita

Hi lalita - beautiful haiku you and a worthy tribute. May I suggest a variation in line 2 to strengthen the links between 1 and 3?: "improvised; rest between notes," then you're addressing the departed spirit directly. Hope this helps.  Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

Thanks mitch, like your ( ; ) suggestion.
 — lalita