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Ash Poem

I am Holding this –
tiny blue flame for you.
    Little mounds of ash
collecting in the lines that would determine my disintegration.
I dream as if you will remember the symbols I keep watch for
and sift through my days with me:
My little ones biting into tulip stems and imitating a tango.
My mother raking rocks from the garden in our oven.
You, expanding like a sponge in my heart.
We lose things if we pretend:
    sewing needles disappear
    into the bellies of stuffed bears
    and we find them three years later in an embrace
- you will never be my pincushion.
Lately we course and counter like a split river vein.
I’ve learned to fold (my hands) in front of you
    and they balance like boulders above a canyon.
      so that you may continue and etch
       Through immovable cores.

2 Nov 10

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my stars and garters!
if i could fave this twice, i would.
and rate it 10x10.

so many wonderful lines, and it all moves together, like a symphony.
love LOVE it.
 — mandolyn


; )
 — fractalcore

it is, isn't it frac?
fave it frac!

do it.

 — mandolyn

makes me wonder when i'll learn
to write like this.

; )
 — fractalcore

if only i could fave this over and over again.

; )
 — fractalcore

yes. this author woke up more brilliant this morning than they did yesterday, i betcha. i betchu bawtum dawlur.
 — mandolyn

Thanks :)
 — unknown

just so you know, you inspired me to write a new poem
ash, it's popular today.
 — mandolyn

i dunno, but it seems like i'd read this
elsewhere long before the unk posted
this here.

it's strange... beautifully strange.

: )
 — fractalcore

Same here Frac.
I am feeling de ja vu with this poem.
I think it was posted before.

And I believe I have fav'd this before too.
 — mandolyn