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If I got a quarter
for every time I thought of you
I'd be richer than Trump
I saw you today
and it sent a needle piercing through my stale heart
as I managed to not even mutter
I used to back down from myself when ever I was with you
you might say
by my heart's bold and blind determination
But today, today was a different day
I saw you in the harsh light
of the cruel hearted person you are
That you really are
The one you neglected to show me
Or the one I was blind to not see
But today when I saw you
I did not back down
or cover a frown
but instead, stood up to myself and
strutted on by like
"look what you're missing"
but I'm afraid you didn't see me
for the girl I really am
That I really am
The one I forgot to show you
The one you didn't look for
The one you didn't want
If I got a quarter for every time
your face graced my mind
your smile made me frown
your laugh made me cry
for every time
I thought of you
I'd be rich.

2 Nov 10

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yowza yowza  . . . . yoza
 — unknown

Well then, youre both lucky.

Read nice.  Ending abrupt.  Liked the story, waited for the poetry.  

I like the fact that no poetry can be found in a story that has no poetry to it.

This makes it a poem to me.

 — Haxxen