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you are one of two.

if you leave me here now
i will not forget you no matter how hard you try.

4 Nov 10

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How many time have I heard the essence of this wrapped up in various packages all pretending to hide some wonderful surprise.

this was boring and easily arrived at
 — unknown

thanks :)
 — brokenarrows

this isn't a poem. i didn't try to write a poem. this is just a thought and it's naked and it's out there. that's all i was trying to do. it was supposed to be easily arrived at. it's the things that are on everyone's minds that never seem to get said. i could have hidden it behind a metaphor or made it sound nicer, but in the end those two lines would be all that i was trying to say. it is supposed to be simple because people dont want to hear the metaphor, they dont want the pretense and the ambiguity. sometimes all they want to hear is what you are trying to say and that is all that i wanted to do. it's for a friend, and it wouldn't mean any more or less said any other way.
 — brokenarrows