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On Being Sick

A sudden, unprecedented torrent of ideas and emotions
floods my body
refracting off my backbone, and
inspiring my lungs to breathe..
Tireless, it speaks to me of
my desire, this urge a surge of
must do something! beautiful!
It flies from my chest only to
off my coagulated subconscious.
Inspiration unperturbed,
it tries, and tries
"Error 404: Brain not found
Please try again."

I am currently sick... it is a time when I am sooooooooooo inspired but soooooooo direction-less.

12 Nov 10

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wellness, it follows after-words as a best-guess about getting on with your body-of-cycles. there is a lot of guilt about being sick that gets in the way of getting better; however, illness is a matter of scale and it's probably optimal for evolution to never be perfectly healthy; that being always a little bit sick is gratefully acknowledging your contracts with your purpose for living out your goals and wishes.

the Sufis have this saying for the establishing of Mystic revelation which is this -- Illat, Killat, Zillat - a Poet/Mystic always has less than what sHe needs for her body-of-cycles, less than perfect health and an abundance of critics -- this was to prepare the Poet/Mystic for diving into the infinite-in, where all this does begin, so they could shine inside-out without a doubt

nonetheless, may you have all that is necessary to carry you toward the beloved...
 — AlchemiA

Good use of metaphor.

I just thought the "error 404" weak, and maybe the poem could be finished off with something more profound. maybe even: "lost and found Please try again."
 — unknown

AlchemiA - interesting ideas, I know that a lot of creativity flows from the sick, weak, unsatisfied, and mentally ill more than anyone that has ever been happy. I don't have any guilt out of being sick. I was actually remarking to myself how I enjoy experiencing the consciousness change, both thoughts and feelings are different... its intriguing. And I refuse to get a flu shot because of this and because I believe it is a part of my normal cycle.

Unknown...I can see why you don't like it... but considering how un-poetic I really am inside (read Spok with PMS) I think it fits my internal psyche better.
 — katt

Good, that's how it is in duality, with our body-of-cycles, between infinite love and "I'm not worthy", we continue to stir our chi
 — AlchemiA

... with Alchemical products
 — AlchemiA

 — unknown

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