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rain apostrophe bow

picks and oinks and pisces
and points
your a series of endless
i like your slay and the melt
of day watching shite
dribble off vixen
and a nibble of plight is all
and all is right.
i am a stray. i keep dogs. at bay
their is a boat there is no moat,
it surely floats like a stone in a
goat, and then i looked at him and  
'F-you mister man, your Plan and
your fucking cool sunnies too!"
and then i floored right out of dare.
he soured at the thought of articulate prose.
.../idanced/rainbows dew slight rainbow/quiver/time like falling leaves/hiss the branch atop a cradle of wind/small flies and tree-tops bend to/branch-break clatter/blue sky fooled against the darken-candled eye.
there is death.
drawing breath.
my pencil breaks in a dream and my hapless penis
bleeds, i sleep, i am dreaming tautologies against
a fountanhead if fountanheads were shaped like soft, downy pillows, your feather float
your tired and you wont dance
with me and i cry
and then...tears refract.
i rain bow and blow.

20 Nov 10

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my tongue feels much better after reading this. a little tired, but well exercised.
if rimbaud were into hip-hop and timothy levitch could be heard in the background on a mega-speaker-phone, it might resemble this.
 — unknown

i love the moment of "tears refract" in this.

will have to go look up tautologies.

"he soured...prose." hilarious, and well-supported in this nicely framed write.

nice little dance you got going here, Lion. (nicmichaels)
 — unknown

i never said, but it's beautiful.  

the dogs, the pencil...i am in love with your hapless penis.

bahahaha, damn i couldn't resist. lol
 — jenakajoffer