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A Long Way Yet

After the happily ever after,
you wipe away a tear and put away your laughter.
But do you wonder if the ending is as clear
as all those fairytales make them appear?
Doesn’t it go beyond a sequel
with two lovers in the night stating they’re equal?
There’s a way to go yet
until our goodbye.
There’ a way to go yet
until love’s lullaby.
There’s a way to go yet
until heaven upon high.
There’s a way to go yet
until we die.
Don’t you want to know? Aren’t you vexed?
Don’t you want to know what happens next?
Don’t you want to know if we’ll still be true
long after the very first vow of I do?
When the journey is over, it’s just begun.
When the adventure is gone, there’s another one.
I happily predict I’ll love only you under the sun
but who can predict when the human race is run?
So when the author puts down their pen
don’t you just wonder what happens then?
Can we dance forever, part of a new story untold?
We’ll just wait for a whole new life to unfold.
Together we’ve been through it all
and, really, that’s no feat so small.
Shall we live as memories in a book
or traverse a new age the writer didn’t care to look?

27 Nov 10

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the kind of write coming an enduring heart. may bore someone who hasnt been there
 — Ex_