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The German Shepherd... Valor

Wires on their hands
kept them both tight ,
with ropes on their necks,
as they were led
down the trail naked to their briefs
and boot less,
not a word was said...
These were american prisoners,
better off dead.
It  was V.C.
leading them off,
to God knows what.
Their comrades -at-arms weren't far behind,
tracking the large american foot prints
in the sucking red mud.
After the battle a head count was made,
three friends were not to be seen.
They found there boots and followed the trail.
Their German Shepherd, Valor
picked up their scents from those boots,
that were left near the trail, a stupid move...
The Viet Cong made their first mistake,
not to be their last.
These were Marines being led away.
Coming after them were brothers,
the Corp never leave there dead or living behind!

6 Dec 10

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