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death is a south facing window with a full view of the womb

how does one determine the difference
between beginning and end?
the man suffering from congestive heart
the unborn child, whose mother cries out
feet hooked in stirrups, just a few wards
“idiopathic hypotropic cardiomyopathy”
one of the many names we create
to identify with
yet another
no more distinguishable
than a face in a bar room, through a thick
cloud of smoke
after drinking
the size of a fish, as seen through the surface
of the water
“minnow of the sea”
perhaps this is why we’ve turned to counting
what we hope to be tangible:
fingers and toes
and explains
why after reading one man’s plight
i find myself
recounting my daughters ribs
and checking for any change
to the hollow above her lung
though, given the span of the universe
the wide spectrum of time
birth and death are but an indistinguishable
instance, no more pronounced
than the purple haze of cornflowers
some fifteen meters off the highway
as you pass by, at 83mph
on your way to the hospital
to say:
“nice to
know you”

18 Dec 10

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Besides the periods, which may just be a personal matter, I have no nits to pick.  Hellofawrite!
 — unknown

Thank you.
 — unknown

what prompted this title beside the obvious?

some v nice lines.

write more.
 — unknown

The title?  Well, I've been working with the death/womb relationship for over a week and had it running along with some transitions across a theme I'd been writing.  What it is here in no way represents where it came from, which for me is what the writing process is all about.  

Having a dirty affair with language can be exciting.  

I suppose that doesn't really explain exactly the answer you were looking for, but I am not one to go far into explanation to begin with.

Perhaps if you are more specific regarding your curiosity, I might be able to respond a bit more in depth.

Thank you for the comment.
 — unknown

I developed a curious weight in my chest reading this.  Can I just say, 'beautiful'?  So carefully written...it feels like 'wonder' to me...the line spacing was just what I needed to breathe through it normally. Deeply moving. Thanks.
 — CervusWright

"There's a full womb in the sky tonight."
 — unknown

span of universe in 41 works well with ribs in 37.

the small details in the write work better for me than the sweeping questions and summary.
 — NicMichaels

As it may be for some Nic. No matter.  

41-44 is perhaps a transition I may work on the phrasing for.  Not sure where I stand over it currently.

It is intended to be contemplative.  And why not?  Losing one.  Hearing of another with an ill fated clock.  One whose hands no longer know which hour to point to.  One whose words although frequented the mind, is but a stranger still.  And then the indeterminate, the immediate, child.  

One might ponder over such association.  With or without intent.

The said and unsaid has it's place.

Appreciate your comment CW.  

If the spacing slowed down the pace some, then it is working as I had hoped at least.
 — unknown