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when you entered
I felt no arctic gust or
chill along my back
a visage warmed
with charming hesitation,
dear bohemian poet
I saw the audit of curly locks
and the kindness to the tired volumes
the hidden adoration
do not hide it
for even with my vision
I can read an open book
when I see one.

13 Jan 11

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 — _fallenleaf

Good one
 — Caliana

i like your stuff.
 — mandolyn

i fell apart when i first read this, those first 7 lines, no 10, well i loved all of it and couldn't bring myself to defame it with a useless comment.  thing is i don't like my list of favourites being in a dark blue state and yours was one of the only ones i hadn't made peace with.  

thank you for sharing your poem
 — jenakajoffer

 — rumpty