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For Once

Long over due rain,
And the grass is green for once-
Like the color of your iris
For once your eyes aren't
being raped by your pupils
For once I don't see a  
sea of emptiness
But the sun must shine again
And the mud must turn into dirt

4 Mar 11

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like it all but i really like the last two lines
 — unknown

Hm, I sort of like this. 4-5 is a bit wacky yet works somehow.
 — mandolyn

how about for the last line something like "And the mud will begin to rift"
then perhaps also change L8 to 'will' instead of 'must' ??

just playing around with it. :)
 — mandolyn


long overdue
the world is green;
the color of you

for once your pie-hole
isn't being raped
by your tongue

it's a sea of emptiness
and you must envy
the silence

omg sorry. =-)
 — Estella

thanks guys
 — kingnothing

nice nine lines.  consider changing 'into' to 'to' in line 9? other than that, melikes.
 — JKWeb

thanks a lot!
 — kingnothing

I am having deja vu while reading this matterpiece. It reminds me of having been reminded of remainders in a small manger many acrons ago. I love it. Briiliant stoofs and I would boy your book of poessies also today on the very double spot. Sophie
 — unknown

wow thank you!
 — kingnothing

 — unknown

not too shabby (:
 — unknown

thank you!
 — kingnothing

 — unknown