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you were drawn
I got you to this place
made comfortable
acquainted you with the air
I forewarned heckling
people scowl and berate
  s  c a  t t    e  r    applause
a culture easily recognized
knowing your capacity to indulge
a roller coaster ride.
I sat with you
long hours of nights
   hinted flaws
   seductive mentoring
   a beginning foreplay
mumblings drawing attention
-I quieted.
a nosy crowd smelling fish
of who you are.
(a usual stance) your still-
exchanged raw scribbles in X
got the hang of poignant slabs
kept yourself busy
                                for the kill.

18 Mar 11

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...It feels like there are words missing from this?  Is that purposeful?  I love the effect of L6.  Some lines were a real joy but overall this poem missed me.  Nice ending notes though too.  Highs and lows here, leave it out to dry for a while and then iron the wrinkles out and you'd have a great poem.  Best wishes!
 — Known

best wishews to you too, mr. baggy pants
 — unknown

thanks Known for your scrutiny. it's all i could afford to edit at this time. Unknown, i dunno what to say to you :P
 — unknown

i believe roller coaster is w/o dash
 — unknown

ruined. baby, welp! ;P
 — unknown

welcome :)
 — unknown