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I'm sorry I missed you today

I was wrapped around my skin
exhausted, inbetween spheres
was it you beyond the giant green leaf
peeking at me
in a strand of sun
with eyes raised tall and growing up to spring's yellow exhale
ships passed on the seas of my mind
slow and gently rising
a child giggled over them
forgive me I was caught wondering
how much of me was still him
I stayed awhile with his toy sails
trying to get their glare to stay on my skin
I'm taking you with me
when I go back to his waves and cherry smile
he laughs loudest in the reflection of your sunglasses

23 Mar 11

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you're getting better at this if not bitter
 — unknown

ha! i've been reading your stuff. nice one. the voice i more daring? lovely.
 — unknown

and there's a bending down as the boom
swings round and
upon her back
she's carrying the sails white sails
sand pales .  .  . and this is the way we would make . ..  dragon . . . all year round.
 — unknown