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i was trying to fall in slow motion

i bought a truck
advert said red
turned out white

the flat spare
fell out
cryptic, you that st=8id
jesus beard me in england

truck's fucking green
far to sober
i can paddle through
flat bed half green
i crashed it into tree

fucking paste

3 Apr 11

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i was hanging from a tree
the ground looked closer
but it wasn't
 — unknown

i fed a chipmunk
cheeks said play
turned out bite
 — mandolyn

i bought a toilet roll
label said two ply
turned out single. sigh
 — unknown

i read a poem on pc
title said slow motion
turned out loco motion
 — unknown

i bought a truck
hit route sixty six
stopped at a diner
got hit by a whiner
 — unknown

I had speed curiosity
Antidrug coms said bad times
turned out as expected
 — Known

had to pay for my truck
got a job at the landfill
ended up carting pigswill
 — unknown

got fired at the landfill
tried to write a novel
while living in a hovel
 — unknown

became a christian
christened my truck
hell hath no fury
 — unknown

obsessed with 3 liners
thought i had a life
wrong like alway-
 — unknown

i bought a truck
named it raging bool
battery ran flat
 — unknown

i bought a truck
fitted a pantechnicon
got tongue tied
 — unknown

i bought a truck
found a bible under the seat
and the odometer turned back
 — unknown

i was awarded a prize
they said it would be a surprise
turned out to be fucked up truck
 — unknown

i cheese-filled nachos
recipe said cheddar
went with swisssssss...
 — unknown

i made a home brew
from my old poems
won a poo litter prize
 — unknown

i still think this is a little piece of genius.
 — mandolyn


oh, mandolyn, you are priceless. what do you mean by still? Still as in yesterday or a millennium?
 — unknown

i like this poem still, as in yesterday, yes.
tomorrow i hope i do too. and the next day.

but they day after that i have a dentist appointment, so...don't count on it.
 — mandolyn

*the day after (bah!)
 — mandolyn

and would that be a freefall?
red + white = pink
 — unknown

you and me, pink
 — unknown

i hate you for this
 — unknown

previous unk's got it wrong. you're too pathetic to hate, or even pity.
 — unknown

i bought an old truck
found a worn shoe inside
no inner sole
 — unknown

my truck broke down
had no jack
couldn't fix it
 — unknown

they repossessed my truck
an evil spirit appeared
had the engine exorcised
 — unknown

my truck was stolen
reported it to NYPD
Butch told me to go fuck myself
 — unknown

parked my truck next to Mr Video
a jack russell pissed against the tires
nearly shat myself
 — unknown

wanted to trade in my truck
took it to Greg's Used Autolot
told me it's worth jackshit
 — unknown

my truck rolled on a sharp bend
i smashed into the windscreen
landed with the moon up my arse
 — unknown

took my truck to Canada
they put us both in quarantine
said we stank worse than dog shit
 — unknown

slept in my truck last night
it rained cats & dogs
woke up barking orders
the waiter said go fuck yourself
 — unknown

the flat spare fell out
cause you tightened the nuts
with a monkey wench
 — unknown

you can shuffle shit around until you're blue in the face arsehole. i will never...repeat never, place myself at your fucking mercy. why? you can answer that question yourself, i don't want to repeat this whole story again. you might impress others dickhead, not me...to me you're just another delusional poetry biz dick. i've said it before, do your worst, your very, very, very worst...see if it makes any difference to me? you count for less than bird shit dropping out a tree in my life...and your "prize" means even less...stick it up your arse. so deep it collects in your larynx, and then i hope you think of me each time you talk.
 — unknown

^ whoa. this poem has brought forth destruction of all sorts. maybe you should sell the truck....?

btw, the first title to this poem was the best of the three i have read so far.
 — mandolyn

nobody would pay more than five bucks for this shit truck. it's hanging together with bits of wire and rubber bands. there's no service history, no warranty, nothing but the word of the owner that it'll even get you home (and his word's with piss). it doesn't have a hope in hell of getting through roadworthy.

rather keep your eye on the swop column for a good pick-up.
 — unknown

you that stupid, best take down the footnote
 — unknown

i never bought a truck.
 — sir_I_clan