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The Mathematics of Attraction on the Euclidean Plane or Pi in Your Face

I almost heard a big screen tintinnabulation
when you flashed that block-buster smile.
And though your algorithms are charming,
your prime number calculations compiled
fail to resolve me.
For I am Pi,
infinitely irrational,
and in the big picture
you'd find me
a fraction in your side.

19 Apr 11

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What you mean your a woman? (nice photo!!!) god im out of it. all my midwest feminist education and im faker/more brainwashed than the lot of em (the 'math' phallacy). I am assmaimed. Nice photo:) F
 — unknown

hahaha!  PI in your face!  This is so funny and I'm happy to understand it!
 — Isabelle5

I'd rather have a deepdishbushpi in my face than Euclid split my globeplanes. just say'n. I don't need thousands of hateemails from disenfranchised gaypeoples.
 — unknown

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 — unknown

Something really cool happened today. This page was open on my comp when i left the house earlier today. when i returned, had internet probs and so  . .. long story short, my 19 year old was sitting at my comp and my comp was open to this page while i was working with the server dudes. Ok so? So . .. . you know teens? attitude and they think "yourra  'nerd' mum" for liking / writing poetry.  OK so she walks out and she says: hey mom: and she starts quoting your poem!! "for i am pi infinitely irrational" and she kept saying it over and over . .. then she says: 'that's really cool' . .. .  i didnt say anything (worried id break the spell):) Really nice . . ..  something other than mtv crap . .. and she was actually reciting it . . .. so thanks for your poem. F
 — unknown

Thanks Isabelle--I'm rather math-challenged but so many of the terms are poetic.  Either that or I'm really more of a geek/nerd than I realize....LOL!

F--thank you so much for taking the time to share what happened with your daughter.  It's nice to know that something I wrote made had an impact.  Tell her I challenge her to write a poem using those two lines!  Thank you as well for your first comment--yeah--I'm a woman--but not much of a girl!

Frac--hugs for the fave.
 — sybarite

Isabelle--thanks for faving!
 — sybarite

Didn't Shoe have a poem about euclidean planes?
 — unknown

I'd like a hug, too, please.
 — Isabelle5

Of course--but ya know the 12-year old trolls are going to start making lesbian comments--LOL.  Hugs for you!
 — sybarite

hahaha!  Let 'em, do we care?  
 — Isabelle5

Nope--you'd be a better catch than most of the men I've been with anyway--LOL!
 — sybarite

I love this!
I'd drop 'or pi' in the title
 — mandolyn

No nuance
 — unknown

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 — unknown

what's your square root?
 — unknown

I gave up nuance for lent and lost my square root in a bad math accident--thanks for stopping by!
 — sybarite

Here's looking at Euclid.
 — unknown

LOL--good one
 — sybarite