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...owe, aum, whell...

that's quite like
a down'r down there;
eye see eat from around the walls --
this event horizon's
bending my horizons:
entropy's epic fail and fall.
you're what you eat, they say,
but, eat whatever,
nature does of itself, forever
it's wont to stay that way,
whatever works
for all dorks!

thanks to my friends,
nate snyder and ClightE,

and the rest of the humanists
and humanity.

     /   \
     : )

25 Apr 11

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A poetic hail to 'to each their own'--nicely done Frac.
 — sybarite

whell, hail heat-lair and 420 [april 20th].

me getting rusty after the
isotopic isolation-disintegration, hehehe.

but, the additional wait/weight [in rust]
indicates some significant growth, so i'll
live with it.

thanks, syb.

; )
 — fractalcore