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Mint Condition

When I eat a peach, I think of Amber -
Her blond attention and brick
glazed lips could lay waste
to any ivory tower.
she would dangle her pear
above me as we lay
on lilac sheets slurping burgundy
as if it were asparagus.
I would run my fingers
through the maize of her hair,
and she would maroon in the rime
of my wit; blushing
as saffron streaks migrate
south along her thigh.
She left me like a lemon
that day, Amber did.
Perhaps it is because I
tried to woo her with
vanilla erotica. Perhaps
her pale pearl pumpkin hips
were jaded by my eggshell approach.
And just perhaps, it is because
I rose too gingerly to the occasion.
But this peach is still sweet
and my face is flush.
beet red and beat. For I read
today that Amber met Violet,
who left me plumb in
the icebox.

5 May 11

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Aw horse!
Nice imagery.
I love the words you've chosen. They are flavorful.

Does this mean what I think it means? L27
Nice ending. But :(
 — mandolyn

 — unknown

Well now I'm hungry!  Enjoyed the food play--L20-21 in particular.
 — sybarite

This is quite cute. I groaned a little at beet red and beat, but overall, it's smirky. I like smirky. But it feels like it's just playing and not trying to do anything serious. That's ok, if that's what you mean to do :)
 — Ananke



WCW pervades everything.

well. almost.

thank you for the read. F
 — unknown

Brick glazed lips is about the only thing that isn't about food.  You followed the food throughout, which must have been tough.  I thought 'maize of her hair' was quite good to describe blonde.  
 — Isabelle5

OMGGGG fantastic! Best poem I've read in a long while. The themes are clear as water and are refreshing to no end. Unbelievably good.
 — Known

While food is certainly there, I see colors galore!
 — unknown

Thank you all for your read, comments and ratings. As Anake says this was crafted to be a bit intentionally smirky...but crafted none the less.

I am surprised a little that it resonates so much. You all are awesome!
 — PaleHorse

Hi PH - Nice rolling foodie theme - the only thing I had problems with was the slurping burgundy like asparagus. Vanilla erotica - mmm, flavoursome. Maybe plump in the icebox - as in cannibalised? Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

 — jenakajoffer

you always make me salivate.
 — jenakajoffer

thank you jena...always nice to make you smile.
 — PaleHorse

LOVE THIS ONE.  Really enjoyed each line.  Props to you... Whoever you are!
 — aforbing

Thank you for reading aforbing
 — PaleHorse

 — unknown

Nice to see this again.  Still makes me hungry!  :)
 — sybarite

It's been a long time..
 — PaleHorse