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Roll Out the Barrel

An accordion player shoved her tits in my face.
Polkaing will never be the same, the chicken dance
gets me hard, how I crave a stein of lager. It can't be
last call already. I'm not drooling nearly enough
but the window's fogged with the collective breath
of every one that ever mattered. Hanging from gymnast
rings is a qualified chap who's claimed to have milked a goat.
In the corner's an Egyptian percussionist, across the way
a lonely widow with a cocker spaniel sipping a spritzer
thumbing through sepia photos and outdated punch cards.
I just now notice the mini spruce trees sprouting from the ears
of the plumber, the cast on maestro's wrist, the hiccuping soprano.
We're supposedly the toast of the town. The ones to make
banjos barf beautiful bluegrass. Our hair's dead because it's dyed.
Like curdled milk in Kahlua we're outdated, floating around
in darkness, clinging to cold solidity as the trapezist does
the ankles of a plump tumbler. Downstairs the icemaker feels
redundant while downtrodden sycophant patrons do blow
of its shiny lid. We all somehow smile. A cute little Asian barista
rubs my feet. The pizza oven dings. My tombstone's ready.
Little baby feet now appear on the front window. It walks in circles.

6 May 11

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Hah. and i just took photos of an accordian group at a chzech fest. line 1 makes me cringe :)
 — unknown

Strange , the chicken dance gets me hard too.
 — ghost

accordian crimes
 — unknown

I just love your writing, it is what i would call eclectic.  The words seem to leap off the page, slap you silly  and feel-you-up.
 — unknown

Ohhhhh ghosty!!!
 — jpmhawk

heh heh, you've plumbed the secrets of absurdity with a notion of dark-humour evinced from metaphors that dance in turns of phrase that jostle and gaze... and amaze... nicely done
 — AlchemiA

L14: nice B's

LMAO I love the ending, though I think L21 could fit elsewhere and this may end on ready. Seriously, before L18 Iw as thinking: where the hell was this author last night and how long will it take me get there! Quite an imagination you got on that brain!
Could you share your inspiration for this one?
 — Known

intriguing write.  consider replacing 'feet' in 21 with 'footprints'.  kick ass all in all methinks.

"roll out the barrel--we'll have a barrel of fun"
 — JKWeb

Great poem which put me in mind of Dylan's Desolation Row
 — larrylark

you are insane. I love it.
 — antipoetry

Hi sir JPM of the Accipitrinae persuassion - I bin busy converting my novels to Smashwords and Kindle but I'm glad i dropped in to grab a posting and was pleased to find this smorg style and plump alliteration (three is the optimum ie the b's in L14). Given my chloresterol - I dig L20. Some awful indulgent postings and abuse lately that made me want to leave. I tried poetfreak but it's the other Hallmark and Fluffy Bunny extreme. Go figure. Cheers Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

ghosty: why does your sleeve look like a tablecloth? me no likey!
 — unknown