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rainblow love

guess i remember drunk,
sloshed, turning coins into
bottle-caps, slamming
you into love  
stumble into your bathtub,
inspect the drain clogged hair,
twisting like twits  
and trap you in a sailor's knot
tug you into my
rainbow slot    
"pull the lever"
- would let you,
though my voice would gravel,
and your heart might scrape
i would let the poodle
lap on it, it likes to
chew on your rags,
says red tastes
like fire.
when i pushed you in,
teeth chattered,
till they started to fall out
and i had to ask your
mannequin to push
them back in,
but she is mute,
not you
standing still as a washing machine,
not you,
your mouth is definitely oral
and when i see it
creep on me
my insides cream,
you reach up through
my glory hole,  
with a teaspoon
and steal me,
gushing into
your steaming tea.
i told you once
that your arm furs
tickle and
when i left that thought
you turned into
an animal,  
snarling demented
and yelping on
my hapless rainbow,
up i said
and when my yellow stains
wash out from me
like nicotine
you fold into my arms
naked, so loved--
mostly naked though,
watching the clock
tick you into midnight.

4 Jun 11

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:) oh my, yes
 — ghost

ah you naughty you....
 — ghost

Where's jenkies?- i bet she'll live this one.
 — ghost

rainblow, lol...fuck yeah
i wonder what happens after midnight. :)

i love this, you're good.
 — jenakajoffer

i always clog the drain with all my hair.

by the way i read this from my phone earlier at the bar tonight while a live band screeched in my ears and the hockey men roared when we scored and i drank my beer smiling as i felt naked, so loved but mostly naked as the clock ticked me into midnight and my friend asked me what i was smiling about and i said i was having a poetry orgasm.
 — jenakajoffer

^^^ LOL
 — unknown