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[REKtifying your premise]
      again: 1 + 1 = 1
'i really think we should start developing a 'secret' nose-button for teleportation purposes, so we could discard the rather hackneyed phrase that goes 'don't pick your nose in public'.'
^  that, incidentally, is a vulcan hand, but you can also say that it's an ugly duckling's foot.
if it were a supervulcan's hand or an uber-ugly duckling's foot, it would look like this:
now, just imagine what an extra digit can do for the owner of such appendages.
more importantly, what kin eye say butt eats in-duh-genus, and don't listen to the seemingly-conscientious banana convictions you find here by any random chance.
most importantly, please ignore the primate've utterances ensuing beyond the legal line number, 18, because they obviously don't reinforce this rather stolid attempt at a poo'em.
yores truly nee-an-dirt-all,
toed duh wet spock it [writing @ this very gneiss palindromic point in spacetime, 11-6-11 aka 11 june 2011, with his vision currently @ 'heist' for 'reason' obvious to the initiated; otherwise, all hail unique snowflakes and hailstones alike.]


for the Nth time and with all
the love in the multiverse,

whatever works [for all dorks]!

     /   \
     : )

11 Jun 11

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nice poem.  enjoyed the visual syntax.  two thumbs up
like the fonz.
 — JKWeb



havent heard that term in years!!
 — unknown

thanks, JKWebster sir.

; )
 — fractalcore

hello, unk.

well, things like that
come and go, don't they?

more precisely, they get
beamed up here and there.

; )
 — fractalcore

 — unknown