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Insurance -the art of the impossible

The pure selfishness of this imposter
still pleading for his sureties.
and always the onus  
the waywardness of the others.
In his de rigeur Prussian blue suit
and primrose button hole,
for christenings, marriages and deaths
he occasionally braved exits
but this entrance had already bore freverent
howls of derision.
And he alone was the dreamer,
realising his scheming schooled
none other than his own impertinence,
the insurance collector
creased again but was not forgetten.

17 Jun 11

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Not sure who this about, meaning one Insurance collector, a priest, minister, politician?  Line 9, borne, yes?  Fervent, not freverent.  

I have no idea what this is about.  Can you enlighten me?
 — Isabelle5