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my thoughts of you ferment

you press my face
into your book
turning me
into a page that doesn't bend
into a paper skiff
preserving my petals
because you could not love me
like you wanted to–
pausing on the shore
you watch the evening hug me;
a bee sniffing the sand
these frothed hands i drown–
my veins swell with time
my flesh begins to fidget
while you crave me in the ocean
i punch the first thing
that moves across the sea
that rows to me

24 Jun 11

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Chablis De Loir ! ! !
 — unknown

 — unknown

It seems those thoughts fermented into an intoxicating poem.  I thoroughly enjoyed this.
 — mtharp

thanks mtharp
and bopsy twins
 — mandolyn

i like the title and the last stanza hits me because its weird and strange...lick us off the the wall.
 — brother_sun

it's a bunch of code gone soft
 — mandolyn

mm hmm yup
 — unknown

 — mandolyn

ferment? or foament?

my thoughts of you foament?

well. hm.

thank you for the read.
 — Clara

my thoughts of you foo-fight
 — mandolyn

"and i  was klung foo fightin . . . "

(oh wow. im lame!!)

 — unknown

i am tempted to turn this into a pillow foo-fight
 — mandolyn

Love the picture with this one! Intense. :)))
 — unknown

^ LIke Pete said
 — unknown

15 is the best line.

though if this "other" is in the ocean wont his book go soggy?
 — DeformedLion

1-2 is a trick of the eye, but cross reference it with the last line. dumb ol' facebook (is it 'ol or ol') or maybe it's lol. ;)
 — mandolyn

i just spent 30 minutes on this jerk
 — mandolyn

Nice edit
 — unknown

That's so funny I don't remember commenting on this..it seems you erased the parts I liked or was talking about..I really have trouble revising old poetry for me it's kind of a done deal after a couple of days go by I've moved on to other fish...
 — brother_sun

haha my thoughts of you foo fight. ^^^^^^^^^^
shoulda coulda
 — unknown

brother sun, sorry i deleted the old one. it had too many holes. the format was all wrong and i hated the fact it resembled facebook.

thanks, unknown... the double 'so' is bugging me up there.
 — mandolyn

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 — unknown